In 1960 there were three Scouras brothers – George, Gus and John. Together, the trio was to feed thousands of Manitobans.

While George satisfied the burger hungry teenagers at the Big Boy in the West End, Jogn and his partner becamefamous for their hot dogs and fries at Junious, across from the CNR station on Main St., leaving brother Gus to begin one of Winnipeg’s landmarks – the Red Top Drive-In Resturant at 219 St. Mary’s Road.

The Red Top became the late night gathering spot for a burger and root beer for hundreds of teenages who were not ready for the night’s festivities to end. Some had been on the parking lot all night as CKRC deejays Bob Washington and Boyd Kozak blasted the latest rock’n’roll hits from a trailer on the edge of the parking lot.

With the departure of partners Leo Dedault and George Dupres, Gus didn’t need to look far to find a new partner, he reached out to his brother John, who’d long ago sold Juniors. The pair continued their commitment to satisfying customer’s hunger by serving great tasting food.

When Gus retired in 1997, John and Vicky continued to pour their energy into the Red Top, but never at the expense of their family, friends or loved ones.

A big man with a big smile and an even bigger heart, John Scouras left a big impression on everyone he met. A deeply committed family man, he would often step forward to quietly offer aid to anyone in need of a friend. He loved chatting with his customers, particularly young children who never left his presence without an icecream cone or a sucker.

John’s commitment to the comunity was evident in his generosity to the area schools, churches, teams and community centers all of which were shattered by the news that Jogn had passed away suddently on Aug 21, 2007 while vacationing in Greece with is beloved wife Vicky.

Today, Vicky and son Peter are proud to continue the Red Top tradition and, like John, remain committed to serving the community for many more years.